"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months" - Oscar Wilde

Waste is so last season: recycling and reusing clothes


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Considering you’re interested and involved in the recycling concept, waste removal and its different harms are impacting our lives and we ought to do something about.

Waste has taken many forms and it is sourced from our own consuming, there are two kinds of waste that are considered to have the worst impact on our environment: clothes & plastics.

Textile industry considered to be the 2nd most polluter in the world, among the other industries.

So if we’re considering recycling and reusing, we ought to drive our efforts on clothes recycling and reusing.

We humans always like to take care of our appealing, textile makes a big part of it, we like to wear nice cloths, and we like to have nice furnishings covered with bedding, sheets, or cushions.

Most of us are driven by fashion, and renewing our textile every certain period, an average person would make such act at least one time every year.

Most people would consider throwing old cloths or textile, as it is the easiest way to remove them from our place, to make a space for new ones.

The main problem is that clothes` waste are very effective in doing harm, when it is left to the ordinary garbage, to be thrown at landfill sites, on the long run they’d affect us chemically, and it penetrate the life circle of living creatures, because some animals and birds would land themselves on the landfill sites to eat from them, which considerably affect the nutrition of these creatures on the long run, and of course it would reach us in different forms.

The circle of life reaches out and affects every living creature on this planet.

There are two considerable ways to treat with cloths` waste:


What is your average usage of cloths every year? This question would be answered only by you.

Determine your cloths` consuming cycle, determine these in amounts on every season beginning, because most of us like to renew his cloths or household`s textile at that time, so if you’re willing to dispose of those old things, don’t just throw them away!

Before considering buying new ones, separate them in 3 categories: the good condition, to be repaired, and the rags.

  • Take a second look on the good condition ones, some of them can be used again, and I mean the cloths which has common style, not designed by any fashion, you can use them again, even at home, if they were undersized; offer them to a younger family member, also you can sale them as a second hand clothes, or donate them to a cloths bank, or to a charity organization, they’ll give them to the people who need them.

  • Repair the ones need repairing, if you can sew or manage to work on cloths, and do the same thing you did with the good condition clothes, also you can transform some rags into new form of usage if you know how to handle a sewing machine.


So you’ve managed your way with the two first conditions, what about the rags?

Rags shouldn’t be just thrown, contact a recycle company, ask them what to do with the rags, either they’ll guide you on what to do exactly with them as an advice, or they’d just handle the whole operation for you by picking them up, and some companies would give some money in exchange for that.

They know how to recycle these rags and remanufacture them into new forms of clothes.

We’ve talk through this topic about avoiding cloths` waste problems, and by doing these steps you’d have a role in reducing manufacturing of new clothes, which reduce the usage of energy, and reducing the chance of turning cloths into waste which has a harm impact on the environment and our societies.